Submission Guidelines

Renewable Energy World encourages interested parties to submit material for publication in e-newsletters and on the website. The purpose of a contributed article is to showcase your company or utility as a thought leader or a technical expert.

Exclusivity: Contributed articles submitted to Renewable Energy World must be exclusive to Renewable Energy World and are not permitted for republishing in any medium (print or digital) without expressed written consent from Renewable Energy World.

Style: We publish both contributed op-eds and technical articles on our websites. Most importantly, be sure that the article is non-promotional and highlights an important issue or technology that is key to the electricity industry. For op-eds, this might mean a new policy or regulation that is working for or against the industry, a breakthrough in financing, a “game-changing” technology that is coming down the pike or other new and exciting developments that our readers need to know about.

The technical article is your opportunity to showcase your company’s or utility’s expertise in its field. Is there a challenge you have overcome, or a solution you want to share (perhaps with a case study to illustrate it)? Is there a pressing technical issue your sector needs to address, and do you have a way to solve it? Rather than write about products, please try to address a topic of relevance to your sector.

Preference is given to articles bylined by employees of our core audience (developers, asset owners, EPCs, policymakers, etc.). If the article is being submitted by a vendor, we recommend that someone from the core audience co-author the article if possible.

Pitch first, then write: Please send an abstract of the proposed article to Content Director Paul Gerke ( If and when the article is accepted and a target deadline is set, the article should be submitted according to the following guidelines:

Length: 750 to 1,200 words.

No Footnotes, Yes Hyperlinks: Our system doesn’t support footnotes, so please do not use them.  If you can link to other articles on the Renewable Energy World or Electric Light and Power websites, please do so. Most other outside links will be deleted.

Editing: We reserve the right to edit articles for style, accuracy, length, and content.

Terms and Conditions: Before submitting your article, be sure to read the terms of content submission, privacy policy and terms of use.

Author Photograph & Biography & Additional Images or Charts: We require that all authors have a complete bio and a photo.  Please send a headshot and bio of the author and at least one photo for the lead.